Robot Cart (Product Page)

Developed as a collaboration with Fabworks the SuperCart is a robust, modular cart, crafted from fabricated, black powder-coated steel. It offers an easy-to-assemble solution for a high-performance, long lasting, FRC robot cart. It's ready for assembly straight out of the box!
Integrated Storage:
  • Up to 8 part organizers
  • 2 Clear Bins
  • 2 Batteries
  • 6 Water bottle holders
  • Furniture dolly (24”x16”)


The Driver Station is a lightweight and customizable base to develop your team's driver control system. Ready to go in minutes, the Driver Station integrates perfectly onto the SuperCart.
  • Easy assembly: Allen wrench, wrench.
  • Light Weight: The thin aluminum structure provides a great balance of strength and weight.
  • Great ergonomics: Comfortable round aluminum handles
  • Adjustable laptop mounting: Including laptop plate designed with flexibility in mind, review documentation (coming soon) for mounting examples.
  • Customizable wire passthroughs: 4 removable panels to customize with your teams preference of port savers and quick connects.