WCP Sensors (Product Page)

WCP is looking to expand product lines and Sensors are one of our focus points. Our line of sensors is back in development as we achieve to produce the best devices with great user experience. At the moment we are still offering magnets for compatible sensors.

  • 0.125" ID x 0.500" OD x 0.125" WD (Ring Magnet)

  • 6mm OD x 2.5mm WD (Diametric Magnet)

  • 0.250" OD x 0.500" WD (Diametric Magnet)

CTRE Sensors (Product Page)

Our friends at Cross the Road Electronics (CTRE) have developed a variety of cool sensors and control system components that will make your robot smarter and easier to control than ever!

  • SRX mag encoder is a high-count, dual-acting magnetic encoder that plugs into a Talon SRX to make rotational feedback easier than ever

Combine the CTRE sensors with the Talon SRX, or use other sensors with the Talon breakout boards, wire over CAN or PWM, and you’re ready to move!

Hex Bore Mag Encoder (Product Page)

The Hex Bore Mag Encoder Housing allows users to mount any SRX Mag Encoder or CAN Mag Encoder directly to a 1/2" Hex Shaft, no modifications required.

The Hex Bore Mag Encoder Housing is also designed to mount directly to any VersaBlock, making it even easier to mount encoders directly to any shaft!

For those looking for a lower profile solution, the Hex Bore Mag Encoder Housing will fit inside any VEX VersaFrame tubing, allowing you to package your mechanisms in an even smaller footprint.

Limelight Vision Camera (Product Page)

Limelight is a plug-and-play smart camera purpose-built for FIRST Robotics Competition. No experience required - we will teach you exactly how to add vision to your robot. Limelight is easy enough for teams with no vision experience or expert mentors, and powerful enough for experienced teams who need a reliable, competition-ready vision solution. New to LL3

  • 30% Smaller

  • Low-latency, sensor-limited retro-reflective tracking improvements: 480p at 90fps, 960p at 40fps, 720p at 40fps, 2592x1944 (5 megapixels) at 13-15fps

  • Zero-Code AprilTag tracking, robot localization with AprilTags and Limelight MegaTag

  • Zero-Code neural network inference with Google Coral

  • Learn and build on your own with custom, full python vision pipelines

  • Significantly improved thermal performance

  • 5.0Gbps USB 3.0 for low-latency Google Coral acceleration

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • 15-second boot time

  • Impact-resistant illumination LED board mount to prevent broken LEDs

  • New latching camera cable

  • Hardware expansion port, global shutter upgrade-compatible (coming soon)

  • Variable speed fan

  • Dedicated EEPROM Storage for camera calibration

  • Qwiic support

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