Traction Wheels

Aluminum Wheels (Product Page)

Aluminum wheels offer a lightweight, treaded wheel option that can withstand the high loads of FRC without breaking. They come with tapped holes for #10 bolts to be threaded in to secure the tread onto the wheel. Wheels are:

  • Sized for 1.5” wide tread

  • Broached for ½” hex

  • 3.25”, 4” & 6" outer diameter

  • Swerve X (4" Wheel, 1.125" Bearing Bore)

Pneumatic Wheels act like high performance car tires and let your robot tackle almost any terrain with ease. Our Pneumatic Wheels are creatively designed in order to utilize the same hub for all sizes. This lets users swap between sizes by simply replacing the insert and the tire!

Pneumatic Rim & Adapter

The core ideology is to have one hub that can support both 6” and 8” tires. Depending on the game, teams are able to use either wheel size without having to purchase another hub. The hub with adapter supports any 200 x 50mm tire available on the market.

  • Pneumatic Wheel Hub (Aluminum, 1/2" Hex Bore)

  • Pneumatic Wheel Hub Adapter (6" OD to 8" OD)

Pneumatic Tires

These tires have adjustable pneumatic suspension through the built in valve on the wheel, allowing teams to inflate the wheel to reach the desired hardness. Along with giving teams 3 different tread options to meet their needs

  • Pneumatic Wheel Tire (6" OD, Centipede)

  • Pneumatic Wheel Tire (8" OD, Diamond)

  • Pneumatic Wheel Tire (8" OD, SmoothGrip)

Colson Wheels (Product Page)

Colson Performa wheels are some of the most widely used and recognizable wheels in large-scale competition robotics. Originally designed for industrial material handling applications, their ideal balance of traction and durability make them a natural fit for our uniquely demanding environment.

When WestCoast Products engineers combined their experience on the playing field with Colson Caster's top wheel designers, the result was simple and effective: light-weight VEXpro hex hubs molded directly into the same Colson molds that teams have been using for years.

  • Durable, high-traction wheels

  • Wide variety of sizes fit in any application

  • Integrated plastic hex hubs

Sizes Offered:

Colson Hubs

Traction Wheels & Tread (Product Page)

Traction Wheels are designed to be the ultimate in versatility and performance. These wheels include the VEXpro VersaKey mounting system, which ensures every sprocket, hub, and gear are perfectly piloted -- no more wobbly sprockets!

Wheels are manufactured from Glass-filled Nylon. Each Traction Wheel comes assembled in 1” wide configuration and also includes all hardware for 1.5” and 2” wide configurations.

Each traction wheel includes holes for use as bearing retainers.

Sizes Offered

  • 6" Traction Wheel

  • 8" Traction Wheel

Rough Top Tread

WestCoast Products is happy to offer 10-foot lengths of some more traditional FRC wheel tread. Originally created as incline conveyor belting, this tread types have been in heavy use by FRC teams for almost 20 years. The tread has been updated to be black neoprene!

  • High traction rubber tread with a fiberglass reinforced base

  • Compatible with Traction Wheels and many other wheel types

  • Attach with rivets or screws (not included)

  • Widths Available: 1", 1.5", 2"

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