Below are some of the common materials that WCP feels are useful when constructing an FRC robot. These are only some of the more common materials and this is not a comprehensive list.

#10-32 Hardware (Product Page)

Standard sized hardware for WCP products.

Loctite (McMaster)

Use thread locker with to help prevent bolts from backing out due to vibrations.

Plastic Washers (Product Page)

Offered in 1/2" hex and 3/8" hex for spacing items on shafts.

Metal Washers (Product Page)

These washers are perfect to use as spacers or to increase the area of a bolt head.

Zipties (Product Page)

Perfect for securing wiring in your robot.

Flexible electrical wire is perfect for wiring robots cleanly and effectively.

Aluminum Tubing (Product Page)

Perfect for building the structure of your robot.

Polycarbonate (Product Page)

Great for light weight or flexible assemblies.

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