Misc. Hardware

Tube Plugs (Product Page)

Square and rectangular metal tubing are among the most commonly used robot construction materials in the FIRST Robotics Competition world. Most of the time, teams will use welding or gussets connected to holes in the tubes to mount parts to tubing, but not every team has access to welding, and sometimes gussets don’t easily accomplish teams’ design intent. Our solution to this is Tube Plugs! Tube Plugs are:

  • Sized to fit 1"x1", 1.5"x1.5", 2"x1" and 2"x2" square tubing

  • Sleeves available to account for thinner tube wall thicknesses

  • Tapped #10-32 on all 6 primary faces

  • Designed to support a variety of attachment methods

Cable Carriers (Product Page)

Energy chain is the industry standard for cable management, especially when it comes to moving systems. WCP carries both Semi-Enclosed which is useful for elevators and Bi Directional energy, typically used for turrets.

  • Semi-Enclosed Energy Chain (15mm x 30mm, 1 meter length)

  • Semi-Enclosed Energy Chain (15mm x 45mm, 1 meter length)

  • Bi Directional Energy Chain (.625" ID, 3ft Length)

  • Bi Directional Energy Chain (1" ID, 3ft Length)

Zipties (Product Page)

Perfect for securing wiring in your robot. WCP has all of your needs covered with our selection of sizes.

  • 6" Black Ziptie (.100" Width)

  • 10" Black Ziptie (.140" Width)

  • 14" Black Ziptie (.190" Width)

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