Spline & MotionX System


8mm SplineXS

  • Torque transfer capability similar to 1/2" hex
  • 0.159" Hole , #10-32 tapped
  • 8mm OD allows for readily available bearing support
  • Standardized Spline

SplineXL Tubing

  • Easy to machine profiles
  • Simple and lightweight interior dead axle assemblies
  • Torque transfer available via star profile

MotionX Pattern

The MotionX Pattern combines the industry standards found across a variety of common FRC products into a single pattern. Allowing for a better user experience and removing the hassle of teams needing to buy extra hardware.

Hole Pattern

1.875" Bolt Circle
2" Bolt Circle
1" From Center
Clamping System
This hole pattern is meant for #8-32 hardware to be used and allows teams to use other products while ensuring a successful integration into their system.
The 2" pitch spacing is widely compatible with a variety of products, making it easier for FRC teams to design and build their robots. Allowing for standard #10-32 hardware to be used.
This configuration allows teams to opt for 1" From Center gears for lightweight or high-speed gearboxes, prioritizing weight and size reduction.
The highlighted holes for a #10-32 bolt and 3/8" OD spacer to be used with either 1" or 2" tubing without creating any collisions.
Mounting Examples
1" Tube Mount
2" Tube Mount

Web Sizing

The web sizing is designed to have bolts sit tangent along the webbing and allowing for extra torque transfer through the sprocket spokes.
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