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OMIO CNC & Accessories (Product Page)

The Omio X8 & MPC 125 CNC are powerful CNC routers in an accessible size that have exploded in popularity in the FRC community over the past few years due to their low price and high performance. Typically, teams would need to import their Omio from its overseas manufacturers, which can take several months, so we decided to cut out the wait for our customers and bring the Omio to them! Shared features:

  • X8 → 770mm x 565mm cutting surface (~30.3” x ~22.2”)

  • MPC 125 → 4' x 4' cutting surface

  • 2.2 KW spindle capable of cutting through wood, aluminum, plastic, steel, and more

  • 0.05mm positional accuracy (~0.002”)

  • 100 - 4000 mm/min feed rate (~3.9 in/min - ~157.4 in/min)

But that’s not all, we also developed a custom work holding fixture specifically for the Omio X8 & MPC 125 that will allow users to machine square and rectangular tube stock with ease. With the Omio X8 and a tubing fixture, any team can make tube and flat plate structures that teams like 973, 1323, and 1678 use to build their robots. Complete your CNC set with our carbide endmills and you’ll be tearing through metal in no time!

Bambu Printers (Product Page)

Starting with the X1 series, Bambu Lab builds state-of-the-art 3D printers that break the barriers between the digital and physical worlds, bringing creativity to a whole new level.

3D Printer Filament (Product Page)

Our first major offering in the additive manufacturing department is PLA+ filament - one of the most versatile and approachable materials in the 3D printing world. We chose PLA+ because its properties fit the requirements of classrooms, hobbyists, and robotics teams to a T.

PLA+ is:

  • Strong enough for low-load, medium precision engineering components

  • Easily printed by most hobby-grade FDM printers on the market

  • Cost-effective while still maintaining quality

This means that with PLA+, anyone can make functional, complex parts on printers they already have while coming in under-budget. We want to remove as many barriers as possible to engineering education and exploration, and we are confident that our PLA+ filament will open doors and unlock opportunities for our customers. Try some today!

Machine Tools (Product Page)

These tools are carefully selected to boost the efficiency and productivity of your manufacturing process. Our endmills come in a variety of sizes, with the smallest small enough to bore small holes without requiring a tool change and the largest being a powerful workhorse for clearing and pocketing material as quickly as possible. Our reamers can turn your “close enough” machined hole into a perfect fit.

  • Endmills at 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm, and 1/8" diameters

  • Reamers custom sized to make clean, easy bearing holes for 1 ⅛” OD bearings

Hand Tools (Product Page)

#25 and #35 chain tools are designed specifically with FIRST® Robotics Competition teams in mind. These handy tools makes it easy to break and assemble chain, and are also sized to assemble chain in place on your robot.

Available in three options:

Chain Breaker Pin Sets

Replacement Pin Sets are available for each of the Chain Breakers as well.


Pair the Chain Breaker with a WCP Corgi Lanyard to never lose track of you tools again!

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