Chain Accessories

#25 Standard Roller Chain#25H Roller Chain#35 Roller Chain

#25 Master Link (WCP-0765)

#25H Master Link (WCP-0768)

#35 Master Link (WCP-0771)

#25 Half Link (WCP-766)

#25H Half Link (WCP-769)

#35 Half Link (WCP-0772)

Master Links are used to form a continuous loop without the need to use a chain breaker tool and have proved to be an efficient quick-release system during repairs and replacement jobs. Using these Master Links is an easy task and can be done by anyone with a pair of pliers.

  1. Slide the Master Link into position on the chain.

  2. Place the Outer Plate on top of the pins far enough as to expose the grooves on the two pins.

  3. Place the clip on the first pin like shown above.

  4. Slide the clip towards the second pin using pliers and ensure that the clip is secure .

Chain Tensioners (Product Page)

WCP offers two types of chain tensions, the Spartan style and the TurnBuckle style.

Spartan #25 Chain Tensioners and Spartan #35 Chain Tensioners are not meant to wrap around sprockets, so use only in situations where chain does not run continuously around sprocket loops.

The #35 Chain TurnBuckle v1 is sized to 3/8" hex and the #35 Chain TurnBuckle v2 is sized to a 1/2" hex.

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