Mecanum Wheels (Product Page)

Mecanum wheels allow savvy robot designers to create drivetrains capable of moving in any direction using a standard chassis shape. Simply power each wheel with a different motor and change the directions the wheels spin to get your robot to move in different directions!

These mecanum wheels were designed from the ground up to give the smoothest ride possible. Our construction method allows for a constant contact patch with a narrow profile. Each roller is tailored for the individual wheel diameter, and provides the correct, constant radius. We don't share rollers between wheel types -- these wheels aren't "almost round" -- they're actually round! This smooth-ride provides higher efficiency and reduces wasted power. This is especially important in mecanum drivetrains to provide smooth holonomic motion without high motor current draw.

Available In:

  • 2" Vector Intake Wheel (Left Hand, 1/2" Hex Bore)

  • 2" Vector Intake Wheel (Right Hand, 1/2" Hex Bore)

  • 4" Mecanum Wheel - Right, Left

  • 6" Mecanum Wheel - Right, Left

Omni Wheels (Product Page)

Omni-Directional wheels roll forward like normal wheels, but slide sideways with almost no friction (no skidding during turns). Use these wheels to make your robot turn smoothly or build a holonomic drivetrain.

VEXpro Omni-Directional Wheels are manufactured from Glass-filled Nylon with high-traction rubber rollers. Compatible with VersaHubs for driving with a sprocket or can be used with bearings for use on an axle.

  • 2" Omni-Directional Intake Wheel (1/2" Hex Bore, 90A)

  • 6" Omni-Directional Wheel v2

  • 8" Omni-Directional Wheel

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