Below are some of the common tools that you will need when working with the WCP FRC product line. These are only some of the more common tools and this is not a comprehensive list.

1/8" Hex Tip T-Handle (Amazon)

The 1/8" hex key is used for #10-32 BHCS hardware.

5/32" Allen Key (Amazon)

The 5/32" Allen key is used for #10-32 SHCS and 1/4"-20 BHCS hardware.

Allen Key Set (Amazon)

Easily tighten or loosen fasteners on the go with these allen key sets.

3/8" Wrench (Amazon)

Perfect tool to use when tightening #10-32 nuts.

Adjustable Wrench (Amazon)

A great way to have a tighter grip on fasteners.

#9 Drill Bits (Amazon)

The #9 drill bit is used to drill clearance holes for #10 hardware.

#10-32 Tap and #21 Drill (Amazon) - Tap Wrench (Amazon)

This combination of tools is used to drill and tap holes for #10 hardware.

Drill Bit Set (Amazon)

Drill a variety of holes with ease.

Step Bit (Amazon)

Used to safely increase the diameter of a hole.

Hacksaw (Amazon)

Useful when cutting material on the go such as aluminum tubing, PVC pipes, and wood.

Metal Files (Amazon)

Perfect for removing small amounts of material.

Heavy Duty Scissors (Amazon)

Great for cutting bumper fabric, surgical tubing, and sheets of plastic.

Flush Cutters (Amazon)

Flush cutters are perfect for cutting wire to size and snipping zip ties.

Wire Strippers (Amazon)

Perfect for stripping wire at consistent lengths.

Deburring Tool (Amazon)

Used to remove burrs or sharp edges.

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