OMIO & Accessories

The Omio X8 & MPC 125 CNC is a powerful CNC router in an accessible tabletop size that has exploded in popularity in the FRC community over the past few years due to its low price and high performance. Typically, teams would need to import their Omio from its overseas manufacturers, which can take several months, so we decided to cut out the wait for our customers and bring the Omio to them!

Notable Features:

  • X8 → 770mm x 565mm cutting surface (~30.3” x ~22.2”)

  • MPC 125 → 4' x 4' cutting surface

  • 2.2 KW spindle capable of cutting through wood, aluminum, plastic, steel, and more

  • 0.05mm positional accuracy (~0.002”)

  • 100 - 4000 mm/min feed rate (~3.9 in/min - ~157.4 in/min)

The Omio CNC Router Stand is a sturdy, mobile table for the Omio X8-2200L-USB (WCP0341). The stand will hold the computer or laptop used to control the router as well as the control box. The stand is large enough to accommodate an enclosure, if desired. Everything needed to operate the Omio X8-2200L is contained in one mobile unit.

Notable Features:

  • Overall Dimensions: 53”L x 38”W x 35.5”H

  • Casters with leveling pads

  • Material Storage (6 sections) fits 2’ x 4’ sheet

  • Omio Enclosure bolts directly to cart

  • Weight Capacity - 500 lbs

The OMIO CNC Router Enclosure was designed to contain the chips that are produced by the OMIO CNC Router when cutting. This makes it much safer to be used in a shop or classroom environment. The Enclosure will also help reduce some of the noise that is made while the OMIO CNC Router is being used. This Enclosure was designed to be used with the OMIO CNC Router Stand and will bolt directly to it.

Notable Features:

  • Fully enclosed to reduce the mess produced by the machine and keep operators safe

  • Door in front and back for ease of access to all parts of machine

  • Magnetic door to hold door in the up position

  • Sliding door to reduce overall footprint

  • Bearings on door for smooth opening

  • Bolts directly to OMIO CNC Router Stand

The OMIO CNC Tube Fixture is designed to give people the ability to machine tubing on the OMIO CNC router or other similar machines. This allows for the manufacturing of custom features into common tubing sizes ranging from 0.75” to 2.25”. The one piece design simplifies the alignment process as well since multiple vises no longer need to be aligned to each other.

OMIO CNC Tube Fixture Clamps

The tube fixture clamps allow for various tube sizes to be safely secured within the wall of the OMIO CNC Tube Fixture.

OMIO CNC Nut Strip

The CNC Nut Strip is designed to be seamlessly integrated within the T slots of the OMIO CNC Router. Allowing users to directly mount and secure the Tube Fixture with ease.

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