System Standards

#10 Hole Sizing

  • All #10-32 hardware
  • All holes tapped to #10-32
  • Can use 3/16" rivets

1/2" Pitch Spacing

  • Holes placed on 1/2" center to center spacing for tubing
  • Holes placed on 1/2" center to center spacing for gussets

Rounded Hex Shafting

  • Available in 3/8" hex or 1/2" hex
    • 10.25mm or 13.75mm rounded corner hex
  • Round bearing in matching size for ease of assembly
  • 0.159" hole through center
    • Tap size for #10-32 threads
    • Close fit for #8-32 hardware

8mm SplineXS

  • Torque transfer capability similar to 1/2" hex
  • 0.159" Hole , #10-32 tapped
  • 8mm OD allows for readily available bearing support
  • Standardized Spline

SplineXL Tubing

  • Easy to machine profiles
  • Simple and lightweight interior dead axle assemblies
  • Torque transfer available via star profile

MotionX Pattern

The MotionX Pattern combines the industry standards found across a variety of common FRC products into a single pattern. Allowing for a better user experience and removing the hassle of teams needing to buy extra hardware.