Zeroing Module

Depending on the location that the module is mounted, one of two sets of tapped holes in the 72T Main Rotation Gear will align with a set of holes in the Swerve X Top Plate. These sets of holes align the wheel to the module so that a zero can be set in code.

To align the wheel, determine the correct set of hole to use for the desired direction. Manually align the wheel and then use a #10-32 x 2.25”L bolt in each of the two holes for the final alignment. Lightly tighten the bolt while gently turning the module to get the perfect alignment. Once the position is calibrated, remove the bolts.

For the Belt & Gears Above configurations all steps are the same, except for the bolts used. Substitute #10-32 x 1.75”L bolts for the 2.25”L bolts. The Gears Below configurations use the 2.25"L bolts.

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