Wheel Tread Cutting

When cutting tread for the Swerve X Wheel, you must know which version wheel you are using. This is indicated on the wheel itself, by the presence of a fifth untapped hole where the ends of the cut tread will meet. The hole in question is indicated in the images below.

When bolting the tread to the Swerve X Wheel, use eight 1/2" length #10-32 Bolts for assembly.

If you are cutting tread for a wheel with the indicated hole, you can use the Updated Tread Pattern shown below. Otherwise, you must use the Old Tread Pattern.

3 Ply Black Neoprene tread was used to determine the overall length and hole spacing for the tread pattern. If using a different tread type, the spacing may be different due to the construction of the tread.

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