Key Features

  • All configurations of the module use the same shafts. What this means is users can swap between every configuration and mounting style by simply using different plates.

  • Less hardware required for assembly.

  • Easy to install encoder locations

  • Modules accept multiple motors: Kraken X60 - 775pro - 550 motors.

  • The bottom mounting plates are made of 7075-T6 to help with bending.

  • Wheel height is the same regardless of configuration, so it is possible to mix and match modules on the robot.

  • New optional aluminum bevel gear is available to shave off weight.

  • Alignment holes to zero module.

  • Clearance holes so motors can be removed without disassembling gearbox.

  • Smaller and lighter 3” ID X-contact bearing.

  • Gears Below configuration give much greater protection to the drive and rotation first stage gears and motor shafts.

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