These are some tips and tricks to keep the product running without a hitch. Failure to do maintenance may result in issues.

First Time Assembly

  1. Loctite all bolts

  2. Grease all gears

    1. We recommend a dry grease or white lithium for all hex bore gears

    2. We recommend Red n Tacky for the bevel gears

  3. All bolts are tight and there are no gaps in the assembly

  4. Gears mess correctly and everything spins smoothly

General Maintenance

  1. Check for excessive wear in gears

  2. Reapply grease

  3. Verify everything still spins smoothly

  4. No damage to printed parts

Yearly Maintenance

  1. Disassemble gearbox

  2. Replace all gears, if aluminum gears were used

  3. Clean all components

  4. Inspect all components for wear or damage

  5. Reassemble with new bolts with Loctite and grease all gears

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