Performance Questions

Why do you advertise the Kraken as a 1,100+W Motor?


It is a common practice to refer to a motor by it's peak power rating.

However, teams will not be able to produce this much power within the FRC ecosystem. There are several limiting factors including (but not limited to) how much current can be sourced from the battery, the robot's main breaker, and the PDP breaker.

The higher peak power is important for two primary reasons:

  • Higher peak power allows the motor to run at a better place on the power curve. This enables the motor to be more efficient in the typical FRC usage range. For example, the Kraken X60's efficiency is greater than 80% between 10A and 50A. Higher efficiency means less power is being lost to heat, which allows the motor to run cooler.

  • The breakers used on an FRC robot are thermal breakers and can allow more than their rated current for very short periods of time. This means that the higher peak power will enable the robot to accelerate at a faster rate. Higher acceleration means the robot will get up to full speed or change direction faster.

Will my motor catch on fire with all this power?


The additional power of the Kraken X60 doesn't make it more likely to catch on fire.

When used on an FRC robot, there are also two systems (the PDP breaker, and the main breaker) that limit how much current can be drawn by the Kraken X60.

Mounting Questions

Why are there so many mounting holes?


The Kraken X60 has additional mounting holes to give teams options on how they can mount the motor. WestCoast Products recommends using at least (2x) mounting holes to mount a Kraken X60.

SplineXS Questions

How do I know SplineXS pinions are going to fit on the SplineXS shaft?


We can't guarantee that every pinion will fit every time. However, we can guarantee that WestCoast Products has invested in setting up a strong quality control regimen with the factories supplying the SplineXS and SplineXS accessories. This regimen includes creating custom QC tooling, controlling how many pinions get inspected, etc.

Can I buy a SplineXS broach to make custom parts?


Not at this time. This is something WestCoast Products wants to make and continues to investigate. So far, we feel all of our options for this would be too expensive to be beneficial to teams.

However, we do have some options for teams wanting to design custom SplineXS parts:

  • We sell a number of steel and aluminum pinions and adapters. These can be pressed into a custom part to create a SplineXS bore.

Can I purchase a Kraken X60 with a CIM shaft?


No. There isn't a version of the Kraken X60 with CIM shaft (8mm w/ 2mm keyway).

I cut the SplineXS shaft. Is there a way to replace the shaft?


No. The Kraken X60's SplineXS shaft is not replaceable.

Cooling Port Questions

Can I use the cooling ports to cool a Kraken X60 during a match?


You should always refer to the latest version of the FRC Game Manual to determine if this is legal.

The primary reason why the cooling ports exist is to give teams the option of using them between matches, or while practicing for long periods of time.

How much of a difference do the cooling ports make?


WestCoast Products has not conducted this testing yet. When we do, it'll be posted to this site.

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