Overview and Features

The GreyT Shooter (9.5”) is the next iteration of the GreyT Shooter. Originally designed for the 2020 FRC Game: Infinite Recharge, the GreyT Shooter is perfect for the most recent FRC Game: Rapid React when sized up appropriately. The new GreyT Shooter accepts 7.5”, 8”, 8.5”, 9”, and 9.5” distances from a 4” wheel to the hood.

Notable Features

  • Easy adjustability of compression

  • Compatible with Falcon 500, VersaPlanetaries

  • Option for Direct Drive, Belt Drive, or Gear Drive

  • Gear Drive option allows teams to really fine tune RPM during testing

  • Compatible with GreyT Turret

  • New Top Roller plate allows teams to alter the spin of the game piece and shoot further

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