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Overview and Features

The WCP SS Flipped Gearbox is a drive gearbox specifically designed for the Falcon 500 Motor. The transmission supports wheels from 3.25" to 6", but it is now compatible with the recently updated Gearbox Bearing Block (WCP-0595).
It is recommended to run steel gears on all stages of the gearbox for increased life. However, aluminum gears can be used if needed.
Notable Features and Updates:
  • Supports overall gear ratios between 5.00:1 and 15.11: 1.
  • First and second stages of the gearbox were changed to 74T and 52T center to center distance, respectively.
  • C-bore for 5/8" OD spacers was removed, and the 5/8" OD spacers were replaced by 0.196" ID x 1/2" OD spacers.
  • Center to center distance for the #10-32 tapped mounting holes changed from 1.875" to 2". This allows the gearbox to be compatible with the newly updated Gearbox Bearing Blocks (WCP-0595).
Last modified 4mo ago