Overview and Features

Actuonix Motion Devices’ unique line of Miniature Linear Actuators enables a new generation of motion-enabled product designs, with capabilities that have never before been combined in a device of this size. These linear actuators are a superior alternative to designing your own push/pull mechanisms.
The L16 actuators are complete, self contained linear motion devices with position feedback for sophisticated position control capabilities, end of stroke limit switches for simple two position automation, or RC servo. Several gear ratios are available to give you varied speed/force configurations.


The L16 is designed to push or pull a load along its full stroke length. The speed of travel is determined by the load applied. (See the Load Curves). Actuator speed can be reduced by lowering the drive voltage. When power is removed the actuator will hold its position, unless the applied load exceeds the back drive force. Repeated stalling or stalling for more than a few seconds will shorten the life of the actuator significantly. Stalling is when an actuator is pushing a load that it cannot move. Actuators should be tested in each specific application to determine their effective life under those loading conditions and environment.


1 - White – RC input signal (RC-servo compatible)
2 - Red – Power (+6 VDC)
3 - Black – Ground
Note: Reversing the polarity of pins 2 and 3 may permanently damage the actuator -R actuators are ideally suited to use in robotics and radio control models. The –R actuators or ‘linear servos’ are a direct replacement for regular radio controlled hobby servos. The desired actuator position is input to the actuator on lead 1 as a positive 5 Volt pulse width signal. A 1.0 ms pulse commands the controller to fully retract the actuator, and a 2.0 ms pulse signals it to fully extend. If the motion of the actuator, or of other servos in your system, seems erratic, place a 1–4Ω resistor in series with the actuator’s red V+ lead wire. L16 –R Linear Servos are the only 6 volt models in the L16 range because they are designed to work with typical RC receivers and battery packs. Consequently they also are compatible with Arduino control boards, VEX Microcontrollers and many other similar boards designed for robotics.
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